Updated May 17th, 2021

Dear Friends with Sights on Delphi,


Just this month we met as committee leaders to decipher our way to potential presence and offerings in Delphi this coming June 2021.  


Due to travel restrictions, much has lived only in supposition this past year and now we seek to see more clearly into imminent possibilities as national openings have taken place. The third Delphic Preview will be held presenting a distilled version of the Games and to lay groundwork for the more replete events of 2022 from June 20th to 26th with IDII presence from June 22nd through June 26th.


We hope that you too may wish to join us for this framework iteration of the Delphic Games held in this historic and unprecedented time. Live presentations occurring as part of the Delphic Preview III will be offered by a gathering of Organizers and Committee Presenters in 60-90 minute presentations and performances offered on the nature and spirit of the Delphic Ideal. Presentations will include but are not limited to: pre-juried material artists-in-residence with studio visits and artists conversations, scholarly papers or discussions, poetry readings, site specific presentations, mythic ceremonies, workshops or performances of dance, music, theater and your unique offerings. Video recordings of happenings from the active experiences during the week put forth will be compiled into a wrap up video at the end of our stay all related to moments from the Delphic Preview III 2021.


There will be no funding available for this year's events as that has not been formally sought nor would it have been forthcoming due to the numerous uncertainties surrounding all things this 2020-2021.  Generally, in past Festivals each has made their own way and found their own support to be part of activities.  We welcome, however, a time when this would not be the case and when assistance can be made available.


Please let us know if you might wish to travel to Delphi and take part in The Delphic Preview III by filling out the form below by May 28th, 2021

Related Costs:

Festival Accommodation Nights June 20th to 26th: 

Prorate available for shorter stays

Single Room - 510€

Shared Double Room - 720€ (360€ per person)

Rates include accommodation with breakfast & dinner as well as a welcoming reception. 


Local travel fees, airport transfer and modest admissions will be conveyed and organized by early June.

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