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The Delphic Preview 2023

Festival of the Muses: To a World in Harmony
Friday, June 23rd through Saturday, June 24th, 2023
Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, D.C.

The Delphic Preview: Festival of the Muses celebrates contemporary re-imaginings of Greek culture as they pertain to the ancient and eternal tradition of the Festival of the Delphic Games. The event invites the global community to engage with ancient Greek art, music, dance, poetry, song, myth, sport and theater in modern iterations through performances, workshops, lectures, and discussions, and through the Garden of the Muses, a collection of videos, audio recordings, and articles.

The Festival is presented by Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in collaboration with the Isadora Duncan International Institute, the Ecumenical Delphic Union, and the Committee for the Reinstatement of the Delphic Games. The Festival is part of a larger, ongoing initiative to further modern reinstatements of the Festival of the Delphic Games in Greece and India.

A Sampling of Past 'Preview' Offerings
  • Welcome from Zoie Lafis, Co-Chair

  • Introduction, “A Return to Greece”  by Jeanne Bresciani, Founding Chair

  • Keynote Address “A Lifelong Delphic Vision”  by the Honorable, Former Mayor of Delphi, Panagiotis Kaltsis

  • Plenary Session on the “Delphic Ideal”

  • Interdisciplinary ‘Tableaux Vivants’ in the Lively Arts - Intimations of Parnassus: The Dancing Grounds

  • "Epic, Hymns, and Invocations" - Live solo musical performance by Bettina Joy de Guzman, followed by a discussion about ancient Greek music

  • “Sensing Divinity: On Ancient Greek Spirituality” - Dr. Christoph Quarch, Philosopher, Author, Founder of The New Platonic Academy 

  • Variations on "Gaia Rise" - Artemis Herber, Chair of Material Culture

  • “Ripples: Duncan & Wilde” Open Reading - Ravenna Wilde, Author and Playwright 

  • “The Pythian Games: The Real Modern Olympic Games” - Jeffrey O. Segrave, Ph.D., Olympic and Pythian Games Specialist, David H. Porter Endowed Chair, Skidmore College 

  • “Sappho and Isadora: Once Again This Time” - Cynthia Word, Soloist, Choreographer and Founding Director, Word Dance Theater 

  • “The Art of Improvisation - Jazz Improv and Artificial Intelligence” - Dimitri Vassilakis, Internationally Acclaimed Greek Saxophonist, Vocalist, Composer and Educator 

  • “The Greek Logos” - Pr. Paris Katsivelos - Pr. in European Communication Institut, University Kremps

  • "Rekindling the Ancient World" - 3D Immersive Reconstructions of the Temple of Apollo, Vince Gagliardi

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Event Details:

Date: Friday, June 23rd through Saturday, June 24th

Photographs courtesy of Iris Brosch, Gary DiSanto-Rose and Rosemary Cooper.

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